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Library and PDK Development

  • TECH FILES: Technology and command file development for front-to-back mixed-signal design and verification flows including custom schematic/symbol libraries, DRC, LVS, and parasitic extraction.
  • COMPONENT LIBRARIES: Component Library Interface for Analog/mixed-signal/RF Simulation including Component Description Format(CDF) for hspice, spectre, smartSpice, ADS, nanosim, starsim, etc.
  • SIMULATION MODELS: Simulator Integration with the Cadence Analog Design Environment(ADE) including Netlister Development and Custom Netlist Procedures for analog/mixed-signal/RF.
  • PCELLS: Custom pcells for more efficient design.
  • PHYSICAL VERIFICATION: Creation, optimization and enhancement of DRC and LVS command files.
  • SCRIPTING: Create scripts for ease of use, data translation and other EDA tool functions.


  • DESIGN FLOWS: Benchmark, install and customize tools and flows at the start of a new design project.
  • LICENSES: Negotiate and acquire tool licenses to optimize CAD budget. Analyze existing license usage to optimize contracts to reduce cost.
  • CRITICAL PATH SUPPORT: Provide expertize for new process technologies and during high pressure tapeouts.
  • DESIGN DATA: Flow control and design data management, including revision control..
  • FOUNDRY SUPPORT: Foundry interface including design rule interpretation and implementation for CMOS or SiGe foundries such as TSMC, UMC, IBM, etc.
  • CORPORATE COST ANALYSIS: Evaluation of tool and license needs and costsfor venture capital funding, corporate acquisitions and spin-offs.
  • LAYOUT/MASK DESIGN: Out source and manage physical mask design, P&R, and floor planning and tapeout functions.

Custom Tool and Flow Development  

  • INTEGRATION: Integrate 3rd party tools in to Cadence/Synopsys/Mentor design flows and tools.
  • DATA MIGRATION/CONVERSION : Technology migration and conversion of layout and schematic data
  • PROGRAMMING: C/C++/Skill/Perl/TCL Programming
  • NETLISTERS: Netlister Development and Translation
  • ITER-TOOL COMMUNICATION : Translators for inter-tool communication
  • OPEN ACCESS : Open Access - DB Migration and Tool Integration
  • PCELL DEVELOPMENT : Develop custom p-cells for maximum design efficiency.
  • PUBLIC DOMAIN TOOLS: Magic, Irsim, Spice and other public-domain tool enhancements

Infrastructure and sTartup services

We have over 30 years combined experience with large and small companies. We can work with your start up company to design and install your hardware and software infrastructure for maximum efficiency

  • SOFTWARE: Negotiate and install tools and tool licenses.
  • HARDWARE: Hardware specification and IT infrastructure services.
  • FOUNDRY: Foundry evaluation and foundry specific PDK installation.
  • DESIGN FLOW CUSTOMIZATION: Customization of standard tool and design flows to implement customer specific devices.


  • Cadence
    • Virtuoso/XL
    • Composer
    • Analog Artist (ADE)
    • Spectre/RF
    • UltraSim
  • Synopsys
    • Hercules
    • StarRC
    • StarSim
    • Apollo
    • Saturn
    • Hspice
  • Mentor
    • Calibre
  • Agilent
    • ADS
    • RFDE
  • LSF
  • Public Domain
    • Magic
    • spice